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Godaddy and the Russian Mob, or why is now a scam.

I apologize to those of you who have been confused by my sudden interest in promoting Viagra. It’s not me. It’s the Russian Mob using to rip people off. Yes, I’m taking legal action. But the law is slow and people are getting hurt and confused. (My current website is, but if you’re confused, just email me. Or use your phone for what it was intended and give me a call.) Please don’t assume I’ve decided that erectile dysfunction is my guiding passion going forward.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. In November of 2017, I stopped paying on It was an old domain, and I foolishly thought because it had my own name in the title it would be worthless to anyone else. How wrong I was.

Godaddy auctioned off my domain to the highest bidder. He took, added a fake copy of my old website using Wordpress, hosted the new fake website on Amazon, and tried to hide himself by using Godaddy’s evil twin DomainsbyProxy. Then he started using me to promote his scam Viagra “Canadian Pharmacy” websites.

But I didn’t know this when I first found my old website still up on google. “How nice.” I thought. “Google has generously kept this old site alive for me.” Oh, no. Google is an uncaring mother. She serves up whatever her kids want, and evidently what they want is scam sites selling them Viagra. With my picture and office hours (both out of date), on fake

So only one person really cares about what happens to besides me. Who is this nefarious, evil genius?

I want everyone to meet Kirrill Fafengut. Kirrill is a Russian programmer who lives in Russia.His address is: Nekrasova ull, 38, Pankrushiha AL 658760 RU. His telephone number is: +7.9040647348 and his email is: or If you look up his town on google maps, he lives in the middle of nowhere, in a two ATM town near Omsk. How does Kirrill spend his long Russian winters? He makes fake Canadian pharmacy sites and uses them to scam credit card numbers from men looking for cheap Viagra. His scam websites on my faked include:,,,,,,,,,

These are scam websites, do not interact with them or give them your credit card number unless you like being ripped off.

If you look a little farther, Kirrill covers his bets and has faked pharmacy websites south of the border including: (now defunct, but he owns the domain) the FDA shut this company down for Health Fraud. But you can find multiple other fake Canadian Pharmacy sites linking back to this domain. Kirrill is prolific. He also covers his bases for the spelling impaired with domains like

Now, one might wonder how I know this information and yet Kirrill is happily going about his way cheating people using my old domain. Turns out, Godaddy is not responsible for that domain. No, they’ve got another company, Domainsbyproxy, which supposedly has nothing to do with Godaddy. But since Godaddy still runs my domain, it’s just a way to redirect the numerous lawsuits that Godaddy receives for selling hundreds of old legitimate websites to Russian scammers.

I contacted both Godaddy and Domainsbyproxy, but all they could do was try and get my domain back, basically ransoming back my information. Under no circumstances were they responsible for the domain they control.

It gets better. Kirrill is stealing my information and hosting it on Amazon. So I contacted Amazon, who rents him server space. But Amazon has no responsibility for the things they’re hosting on their servers. Kirrill is using my old Wordpress site information, but Wordpress is not responsible for any use of their software. And google? Well, google doesn’t really care as long as people keep clicking on It must be a good site because the masses have spoken.

So I’ve got a Russian mobster stealing my company name, my photo, and using a faked version of my old website to scam people. But none of the U.S. based companies who are allowing him to scam U.S. consumers feel any responsibility for this situation?

Well, you might say, that’s terrible. There should be a law against that. Turns out Congress agrees with you. There is a law against exactly this sort of scam, passed in 2008. Among the other things the law requires “A list of the states in which the pharmacy is licensed to dispense controlled substances.” It also lists extensive jail time and fines in the millions of dollars. So if any online pharmacy site doesn’t list the states it can deliver to, then it’s a fraud.

I should contact the FBI, right? Done. Hopefully now that the Mueller investigation is done they can free up some resources. What about the Attorney General’s office of Maine? Done.

Maybe the FBI will eventually get Kirrill Fafengut extradited to the U.S. to stand trial and serve time for the massive fraud he’s doing. In the meantime, I can only help slow down dear old Kirrill by listing his many scam sites, beginning with the ones he’s listed on the now fake old web domain (Again, my real domain name is Has been for years now).


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